Write a 3-page summary in microsoft® word of your dr/bc plan that

 Write a 3-page summary in Microsoft® Word of your DR/BC plan that includes:An overview of your patch management strategy to ensure your systems and applications are up-to-dateAn overview of your backup strategy to ensure applications and all company data is available, including:A schedule or plan for full and incremental backupsThe planned use of automated toolsThe types of disasters and potential causes of business interruption covered by your planPart 2 2 pages Select an event covered by your DR/BC plan.Write a high-level DR/BC plan process that would be included in your DR/BC playbook for this event.Use the DR/BC Playbook Procedure Template to document your processes.Each process should be no longer than one page. Outline the DR approach on one page and the BC approach on the second.Refer to the Sample DR/BC Playbook Procedure as neededPLEASE REMEMBER: Outline the DR approach on one page and the BC approach on the second.

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